Shaping the future of UK film

Featured Speakers

Vivienne Avery - Head of Research & Statistics, British Film Institute

Ben Keen - Vice President, Media, IHS Technology

Wendy Mitchell - Editor, Screen International

Amanda Nevill - Chief Executive Officer, BFI

Jonathan Olsberg - Owner, Olsberg|SPI Limited

Session Highlights

Market overview: an analysis of trends in the UK film industry and the UK's place in the global industry

The UK as talent hub: how do we best support diverse new film talent?

Friends or foes: what effect is the boom in high-end TV drama having on the film industry?

Constant consumption: how are audiences and platforms changing and how do we best respond?

Global growth: how do British films travel abroad smartly and where is best to go?

Industry wishlist: advice for the next government on film in the UK

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